Handbags and purses:

The bags are made of cork.

How to clean: use a humid cloth (preferably cotton) with mild soap. Then wipe with a dry cloth and let dry in the shade.



The jewelry is made of cork and Zamack, which is the generic name for various metallic alloys (zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) melted together. The beads are nontoxic and made of Greek clay and water. The coloring is made with Italian nontoxic glaze and colors.

How to use: cork is a natural product, and as such requires careful usage. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not advisable, nor it is recommended to take it in the water. Salt water, in addition to the water element, has the element salt, which mixed with sun is harmful to the cork. It is not recommended to use cork jewelry on the beach.

How to clean: as for metals, the great majority oxidizes in the air, such as silver. When this happens, wipe the metal with a dry and soft cleaning cloth, which will bring back the brightness immediately.